Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 3: Moving Mountains!

We went to Yezelem Minch, a local orphanage that provides different programs for children within the community: sports programs, sponsorships, child headed family support, etcetera. We met with the director  and then headed out to a small area in Addis hang out with kids and feed them their one meal of the day.

We brought fingernail polish, suckers, jewelry, and a few snacks, but we were not able to pass anything out because they started to crowd around you and push you and  try to grab things out of our bags. They wanted everything we had. It was very hard to say no, but we had no choice. I learned the word "beca" (enough) very fast.

After their bellies were full, they all went home, and we headed out. We went t o a little cafe to eat our cold lunch of pasta. We did have a Coke, that was exciting! A little taste off home.
That afternoon we went to an orphanage called El Olam. Ashli York, an amazing girl from Franklin moved to Addis last year after going on this trip with OH and is now helping restore this orphanage. She is "Moving Mountains!"
The kids are so loving! I got a million hugs and my heart melted at the happiness in their smiles! Although these children are without families, they are the happiest children I have ever met. They sang to us, and I can still hear the sound of their sweet voices. Saying goodbye was sad, but I knew we would get t o see them once more before we left.

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